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Official source address: https://bitbucket. org/aquariusjay/deeplab-public-ver2/overview.
But this source is simply a caffe for the deeplab network. If you need a fine tuning tuning network, you need to prepare the following files:

1. Build the deeplab folder and download the deeplab source code.

cd ~
mkdir deeplabcd deeplab
git clone

2. Set up settings folder, forecast results folder, dataset txt folder, log folder, model folder, evaluation folder.

mkdir -p ~/deeplab/exper/voc12/config/deeplab_largeFOV
mkdir -p ~/deeplab/exper/voc12/features/labels
mkdir -p ~/deeplab/exper/voc12/features2/labels
mkdir -p ~/deeplab/exper/voc12/listmkdir -p ~/deeplab/exper/voc12/log 
mkdir -p ~/deeplab/exper/voc12/model/deeplab_largeFOV
mkdir -p ~/deeplab/exper/voc12/res

3. Download the official txt folder and model and network structure files as shown above.

It may not be possible to open the web page, access it, or download it in my resources, and I've been uploading it to , and can't download it here.
As follows:



4. Move the corresponding file after the download to the appropriate folder.

Move to ~/deeplab/exper/voc12/config/deeplab_largeFOV with prototxt network structure file train, prototxt, test, prototxt, and solver. Prototxt files.
Under folder.

unzip prototxt_and_model.zipmv *.prototxt ~/deeplab/exper/voc12/config/deeplab_largeFOV
mv *.caffemodel ~/deeplab/exper/voc12/model/deeplab_largeFOV
unzip link.zipcd link
mv * ~/deeplab/exper/voc12
unzip list.zipcd list
mv * ~/deeplab/exper/voc12/list

5. Data set processing.

6. Script file modification.

An explanation on the official script.
http://blog. Csdn. net/xmo_jiao/article/details/77488180.

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