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Set the precision of to n for future output ( or leaves it unchanged if n is omitted ).


Returns a value that, when illustrated on an output s, has the effect of call s. Precidion ( n ). Defined in <.

#include <algorithm>#include <iomanip>#include <ios>#include <iostream>#include <string>#include <vector>int main() 
 //ask for and read student's namestd::cout <<"Please enter your first name:" ;
 std::string name;
 std::cin>> name;
 std::cout <<"Hello," <<name <<"!" <<std::endl;
 //ask for and read the midterm and final gradesstd::cout <<"Please enter your midterm and final exam grades:";
 double midterm, final;
 std::cin>> midterm>> final;
 //ask for and read the homework gradesstd::cout <<"Enter all your homework grades,""followed by end-of-file:";
 std::vector<double> homework;
 double x;
 //invariant: homework contains all the homework grades while(std::cin>> x) {
 //check that the student entered some homework gradestypedefstd::vector<double>::size_type vec_sz;
 vec_sz size = homework.size();
 if (size == 0 ) {
 std::cout <<"You must enter your grades." 
 "Please try again." <<std::endl;
 //sort the gradesstd::sort(homework.begin(), homework.end());
 //compute the median homework grade vec_sz mid = size/2;
 double median;
 median = size % 2? homework[mid] : (homework[mid - 1] + homework[mid])/2;
 //compute and write the final gradestd::streamsize prec = std::cout.precision();
 std::cout <<"Your final grade is" <<std::setprecision(3) 
 <<0.2 * midterm + 0.4 * final + 0.4 * median
 <<std::setprecision(prec) <<std::endl;

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