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1. What's druid.

Druid is the best database connection pool in the java language. Druid provides powerful monitoring and expansion capabilities.

. Where do I download druid?. How to get the druid source code.

A druid is an open source project that's hosted on github, and the source repository address is https://github. com/alibaba/druid. At the same time, every time druid releases the official version and snapshot, the source code is packaged, and you can find the source code from the download

. How do I configure maven.

Later versions of druid 0.1.18 are published to the maven central repository, so you just need to add dependency in the project 's pom. Xml. For example:


A repository can also be selected to find public warehouse addresses: http://www. Mvnrepository. com/artifact/com. Alibaba/druid.

. How to open the monitoring statistics for druid.

A druid monitoring statistics feature is implemented through the filter chain exte & ion, if you want to open monitoring statistics, configure statfilter, and see here: https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/% e9 % 85 % 8d % % bd % ae_statfilter.

. How to use the built-in monitoring page of druid.

The built-in monitoring page is a servlet that looks at this: https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/% e9 % 85 % quad % % bd % ae_statviewservlet % e7 ae ae ae ae.

. How to configure web and spring association monitoring in a built-in monitoring?. How to configure defense sql attacks.

Druid provides wallfilter, which is based on sql semantic analysis to achieve defense of sql injection attacks. Specific configuration here: https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/% e9 % 85 % 8d % % bd % ae-wallfilter.

. Druid doesn't have a reference configuration.

Different business scenario requirements are different, you can use our reference configuration, but it's recommended that you read the documentation carefully. https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/% e9 % 85 % 8d % passive % bd % ae_druiddatasource 8f ae ae ae.

. I'm going to log the sql executed by jdbc and how to configure.

A druid provides log4jfilter, commonslogfilter, and slf4jfilter with specific configuration look here at https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/% e9 % 85 % % %.

. My program may have a connection leak, and there's a way to get it.

A druid provides a variety of ways to monitor connection leaks, and see here: https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/% snapping % bf % bf e6 % % 8e % %.

. Using pscache in druid is too big to use in?

Connect to an oracle database, open pscache, and there are too many memory usage problems in other database connection pools, and druid is the only connection pool that solves this problem. Look at this: https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/Oracle % e6 % 95 % b0 e6 % 8d % ba ba % % 88.

. There's no comparison with other database connection pooling?. What do you want to pay attention to from other connection pooling.. Druid in is similar to exceptionsorter in jboss.

A exceptionsorter is an excellent feature in jboss datasource, and druid has the same function as exceptionsorter, but without manual configuration, automatic recognition of the effect. Look here: https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/ExceptionSorter_cn.

16. Druid in. Why isn't it.

A maxIdle is a concept in order to facilitate dbcp users migration. Connection pooling should only have MaxPoolSize and minPoolSize, druid only holds maxActive and minIdle, equivalent to MaxPoolSize and minPoolSize.

. My application configuration is the jndi data source, which can be used by druiddatasource?

Druiddatasource supports jndi configuration, and look at this: https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/% e9 % 85 % 8d % % bd % ae_jndi_tomcat.
The class that's implemented is this: Com. Druid. Pool. Druiddatasourcefactory, you can read the code.

. My application is using dbcp, which is written in code, and how to replace druid with?

Ok, druid provides a way to completely smooth the migration of dbcp.

It makes it possible to use druid in some applications that aren't developed, such as deploying druid in sonar, a web application developed using jruby, which is.

. I'm trying to try the snapshot version, how to get it?

The address that gets the snapshot ve & ion directly is: http://code. Alibabatech. com/mvn/snapshots/com/alibaba/druid/sonas, using snapshot version recommended to join our qq group 92748305, with a problem direct feedback.

. There are some sql execution that's slow, and I want the log to be recorded, how to set up?

Slow sql execution logging in the statfilter configuration, see here https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/% e9 % 85 % 8d % active % bd %.

21. I want to encrypt my database password.

Both operations and dbas don't want to write passwords directly in the configuration file, and druid provides the function of database secret encryption. Look at this here: https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/% e4 % bd % % 94 % a8configfilter.

. How to participate in druid development?

Druid is an open source project via github, features of github, making it easy to participate in. Here are a detailed description of https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/% mss % a6 % 82 % e4 % bd % 95 bd %.

How to 23. Druid release cycle.

Druid is an active project, long-term maintenance. There's a release window for each month, unless you encounter major bugs and very urgent requirements, or each month is released. If there aren't enough requirements, the publishing window won't be used.

. If druiddatasource fails when is init, no use is required.

Yes, if druiddatasource is no longer used, you must call close to release resources, which include closing the create and destory threads.

25. Druiddatasource supports which databases?

In theory, we support all of the databases. The actual tests have been tested.

DatabaseSupport status
mysqlSupport for large-scale use
oracleSupport for large-scale use
When executeBatch is, the number of update rows is incorrect.

By using the executeBatch method of jdbc, if the database is oracle, the return value is 2, not the number of records that are actually updated by the sql, which is the problem of the oracle jdbc driver, and druid doesn't do special processing.

. Druid automatically automatically identifies DriverClass based on urls.

A druid identifies DriverClass based on the url prefix, which makes the configuration easier.

PrefixDriverCLassDescription information
Jdbc: odps:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Com. Aliyun. Odps. Jdbc. Odpsdriver.
Jdbc: derbyOrg. Apache. Derby. Jdbc. EmbeddedDriver.
Jdbc: mysqlCom. Mysql. Jdbc. Driver.
Jdbc: oracleOracle. Jdbc. Driver. OracleDriver.
Jdbc: microsoft:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Com. Microsoft. Jdbc. Sql server. SQLServerDriver.
Jdbc: sybase: tdsCom, sybase, jdbc2, jdbc, SybDriver
Jdbc: jtds:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Net. Sourceforge. Jtds. Jdbc. Driver.
Jdbc: postgresqlOrg. Postgresql. Driver.
Jdbc: fakeCom, alibaba, druid, mock, mockdriver
Jdbc: mockCom, alibaba, druid, mock, mockdriver
Jdbc: hsqldbOrg. Hsqldb. JdbcDriver.
Jdbc: db2Com. Ibm. Db2. Jdbc. App. DB2Driver.Db2 's jdbc driver is very confusing, and this matches.
Jdbc: sqliteOrg. Sqlite. Jdbc.
Jdbc: rdbCom. Ingresdriver.
Jdbc: h2Org. H2. Driver.
Jdbc: mckoi:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Com. Mckoi. JdbcDriver.
Jdbc: cloudscapeCom. Cloudscape. Core. JdbcDriver.
Jdbc: informix-sqli:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Com. Informix. Jdbc. IfxDriver.
Jdbc: timesten:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Com. Timesten. Jdbc. Timestendriver.
Jdbc: as400:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Com. As400. Access. AS400JDBCDriver.
Jdbc: sapdb:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Com, sap, dbtech, jdbc, driversapdb
Jdbc: jsqlconnect:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Com. Jnetdirect. Jsql. Jsqldriver.
Jdbc: jturbo:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Com. Newatlanta. Jturbo. Driver. Driver.
Jdbc: firebirdsql:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Org. Firebirdsql. Jdbc. Fbdriver.
Jdbc: httprequestArlo. Interclient. Driver.
Jdbc: PointBaseCom. PointBase. Jdbc. Jdbcuniversaldriver.
Jdbc: edbc:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Ca. Edbc. Jdbc. Edbcdriver.
Jdbc: mimer: multi1::::Com. Mimer. Jdbc. Driver.
. How to save the monitoring record.

https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/% e6 % 80 % 8e % e4 % b9 88 % % e5 e5 e5 e5.

. What do I do to log output sql to.

https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/% e9 % 85 % 8d % % bd % ae_logfilter.

. How to configure druid built-in log implementatio.

https://github. com/alibaba/druid/wiki/% e9 % 85 % 8d % tra mitted % bd % % % 86 % e7 e7 e7 e7 e7 e7.

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