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Many develope & use star functionality when viewing their own items that are interested in star. The number of stars represents the popularity of the open source project in a certain extent, and this article summarizes the billions of open source projects in the java language that are more than 15000, and the number of stars on github is more than.

Java rxjava implementation of rx

Star: 26782; fork: 4718

Net responsive programming framework rx java version open source implementation, with groovy, clojure, scala and jruby versions implementation.

distributed search engine

Star: 24646; fork: 8723

Elasticsearch is a distributed restful search and data analysis engine that can solve more and more use cases. As the core of elastic stack, it stores your data to help you find unexpected and unexpected situations. This real time distributed search engine, which allows you to explore your data before you start with a previous speed and scale.

rest client retrofit

Star: 23443; fork: 4731

Retrofit is a rest client for android platforms.

RestAdapter restAdapter = new RestAdapter.Builder()
. setServer("")
. build();
GitHubService service = restAdapter.create(GitHubService.class);
A http + spdy client development okhttp

Star: 21981; fork: 5311

A okhttp is a java http + spdy client development kit that also supports android.

OkHttpClient client = new OkHttpClient();
 Stringget(URL url) throws IOException {
 HttpURLConnection connection =;
 InputStream in = null;
 try {
 //Read the = connection.getInputStream();
 byte[] response = readFully(in);
 returnnewString(response, "UTF-8");
 } finally {
 if (in!= null) in.close();
java design mode java-design-patterns

Star: 21456; fork: 7162

Design patterns are best practices for programmers to solve common problems when designing an application or system, and reuse design patterns can help prevent subtle problems that may lead to significan not problems, and code for both programmers and architects familiar with patterns is more readable.

google 's java common class library

Star: 18414; fork: 4327

The guava is the meaning of, which is an open source project of google, with a lot of google 's core common libraries.

android annotation tool butterknife

Star: 17845; fork: 3662

A butter knife is an android view field and method binding, using annotation processing to generate template code.

Main features:

  • Eliminate findviewbyid calls by using @ FindView in fields

  • Grouping multiple views in a list using @ findViews

  • By means of annotation, anonymous inner-classes is eliminated.

mpandroidchart library

Star: 17758; fork: 5133

Mpandroidchart is an open source chart library on android. Currently providing charts and pie charts, support selection, scaling, and.

alt tag

image loading and cache library glide

Star: 17418; fork: 3520

A glide is an image loading and caching library on android, which aims to achieve smooth image list scrolling.


memory leak detection framework leakcanary

Star: 16531; fork: 2761

Leakcanary is an android and java memory leak detection framework.

j2ee framework spring

Star: 15850; fork: 11326

Spring FrameworkIs an open source java java ee stack ( full-stack ) application framework that's published in the form of an apache license, and the version of on the net platform. Based on expert one-on-one java ee design and development ( isbn 0 -7645-4385-7 ), this framework was originally developed by and juergen hoeller. The spring framework provides a simple development, which will avoid a large number of attribute files and help classes that may cause confusion in the underlying code.

android open source framework eventbus android

Star: 15733; fork: 3752

If you learn design patterns, you'll be sure to use the observer pattern when you want to notify other components. All right, now that you can think about this design pattern, look at a android open source framework eventbus. The main function is alternative intent, handler, broadcast messages between fragments, activity, service, threads. His best bet is the cost of small, simple code, decoupling code.



Star: 15596; fork: 6455

The purpose of android-universal-image-loader ( universal image loader for ) is to enable asynchronous loading to achieve asynchronous network graphics loading.

spring boot

Star: 15357; fork: 13367

Spring boot projects are designed to simplify the creation of spring applications and services. You can choose a different spring platform through it. You can create standalone java applications and web applications, while providing tools to allow"spring scripts".

The following figure shows the location of spring boot in the spring ecosystem:

Spring Boot in Context

Application of mobile animation effect frame lottie

Star: 15094; fork: 2166

A lottie is an open source tool developed to add animation effects to native apps. It's currently provided with ios, android, and react native versions, which can render after effects asynchronously animation effects.

Application of bar code processing class

Star: 15003; fork: 6686

Zxing is an open source java class library used to parse 2d barcodes in multiple formats. The goal is to decode the qr code, data matrix, upc barcode. It provides clients on a variety of platforms including: J2me, j2se, and android.

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