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A ubuntu 16.04 I & tall a dictionary for a dictionary

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Before you use ubuntu 14.04, download the official deb I tallation package directly, and I'm ready to replace it with ubuntu 16.04 because some dependencies cannot be I. So google has successfully solved it, and it's familiar with the use of dpkg.

Because the official deb package ( ubuntu version ) relies on gstreamer0. 10-plugins-ugly, but it isn't in 16. 04. But there's no package, which doesn't affect the use of the dictionary. So we can remove the deb package for the library. As follows:

1. Download the ubuntu version from the official download: Youdao-dict_1. 1. 0-0-ubuntu_amd64. Deb.

2. Create the youdao unattend directory and the deb package to the youdao unattend directory:

$ dpkg -X./youdao-dict_1.1.0-0-ubuntu_amd64.deb youdao-dict

3. Extract the control information in the deb package ( the dependencies of the package are written in this file ):

$ dpkg -e./youdao-dict_1.1.0-0-ubuntu_amd64.deb youdao-dict/DEBIAN

4. Edit the control file, delete the gstreamer0. 10-plugins-ugly in the dependency.


$ dpkg-deb -b youdao youdaobuild.deb

6. I & tall packages.

$ dpkg -i youdaobuild.deb

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