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How to pass optional parameters to a method in C# ?

Suppose i created one method called Sendcommand

public void SendCommand(String command,string strfilename)
    if (command == "NLST *" ) //Listing Files from Server.
    else if (command == "STOR " + Path.GetFileName(uploadfilename)) //Uploading file to Server
    else if ...

Now i want to call this method in main method like

Sendcommand("STOR ", filename);
Sendcommand("LIST"); // In this case i dont want to pass the second parameter

How to achieve that?

Best Answer:


I was looking at this thread, trying to solve a problem that doesn't actually exist, because C# "just passes through" a params array! Which I didn't know until I just tried it.

Here's an SSCCE:

using System;
using System.Diagnostics; // for Conditional compilation of method CONTENTS
namespace ConsoleApplication3
    public static class Log
        [Conditional("DEBUG")] // active in Debug builds only (a no-op in Release builds)
        public static void Debug(string format, params object[] parms) {
            Console.WriteLine(format, parms); 
            // calls Console.WriteLine(string format, params object[] arg);
            // which I presume calls String.Format(string format, params object[] arg);
            // (Sweet! just not what I expected ;-)
    class Program //LogTest
        static void Main(string[] args) {
            Log.Debug("args[0]={0} args[1]={1}", "one", "two");
            Console.Write("Press any key to continue . . .");


args[0]=one args[1]=two


But why? ... Well because (of course) the closest parameter-match to the heavily-overloaded Console.WriteLine method is (string format, params object[] arg) ... not (string format, object arg) as I was thinking.

I sort-of knew this had to be possible somehow, because (I presume) Console.WriteLine does it, I just somehow expected it to be HARD... and therefore think that the simplicity and "niceness" of this trick-of-the-language is note worthy.


Cheers. Keith.

PS: I wonder if VB.NET behaves the same way? I suppose it must.

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