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I'm trying to show double quotes but it shows one of the backslashes:

"maingame": {
    "day1": {
        "text1": "Tag 1",
        "text2": "Heute startet unsere Rundreise "Example text". Jeden Tag wird ein neues Reiseziel angesteuert bis wir.</strong> "

When rendering in the html it shows as "Example text". What is the correct way?

Best Answer:

When and where to use " instead. OK if you are like me you will feel just as silly as I did when I realized what I was doing after I found this thread.

If you're making a .json text file/stream and importing the data from there then the main stream answer of just one backslash before the double quotes:" is the one you're looking for.

However if you're like me and you're trying to get the "Tryit Editor" to have a double quotes in the output of the JSON.parse(text), then the one you're looking for is the triple backslash double quotes ". This is because you're building your text string within an HTML <script> block, and the first double backslash inserts a single backslash into the string variable then the following backslash double quote inserts the double quote into the string so that the resulting script string contains the " from the standard answer and the JSON parser will parse this as just the double quotes.

  var text="{";
  text += '"quip":""If nobody is listening, then you're likely talking to the wrong audience.""';
  text += "}";
  var obj=JSON.parse(text);

+1: since it's a JavaScript text string, a double backslash double quote " would work too; because the double quote does not need escaped within a single quoted string eg '"' and '"' result in the same JS string.

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