Am I missing something here?

var someNumber = 123.456;

someNumber = someNumber.toFixed(2);


//alerts string

Why does .toFixed() return a string?

I want to round the number to 2 decimal digits.

Best Answer:

Number.prototype.toFixed is a function designed to format a number before printing it out. It's from the family of toString, toExponential and toPrecision.

To round a number, you would do this:

someNumber = 42.008;

someNumber = Math.round( someNumber * 1e2 ) / 1e2;

someNumber === 42.01;

// if you need 3 digits, replace 1e2 with 1e3 etc.


Or if you want a native-like function, here you are:

Number.prototype.toFixedNumber = function(x, base){

  var pow = Math.pow(base||10,x);

  return +( Math.round(this*pow) / pow );


someNumber = 42.008;

someNumber = someNumber.toFixedNumber(2);

someNumber === 42.01;

//or even hexadecimal

someNumber = 0xAF309/256  //which is af3.09

someNumber = someNumber.toFixedNumber(1, 16);

someNumber.toString(16) === "af3.1";


Tho I don't like jsperf that much, here's a link with comparsion of the method using conversion (in other answers) and this one:

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