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I want to write a generic method in java like below:

public <T extends Number & Comparable<T>> void test(T[] a){
    T b=a[0];

Then later, I can supply either Integer[] or Double[] or other Number subtypes to the method. But the code I tried above gives me errors.

Please help me. Thank you.

Best Answer:

You've got Comparable, so if we has a zero, a[0]>0 could be replaced by a[0].compareTo(zero) > 0 (no, I think it's < 0, I can never remember). But now we've run out of useful stuff from Double and the like.

If Double and friends weren't java.lang.Comparable we could supply our own java.util.Comparator. That is we take the implementation of comparison outside of the data object. We can also do that addition and multiplication.

public interface Testor<T> { // Choose a better name...
    boolean isStriclyPositive(T value);
    T add(T lhs, T rhs);
    T square(T value);
static final Testor<Integer> INTEGER_TESTOR = new Testor<>() { // Java SE 7 diamond.
    public boolean isStriclyPositive(Integer value) { return value > 0; }
    public Integer add(Integer lhs, Integer rhs) { return lhs + rhs; }
    public Integer square(Integer value) { return value*value; }
// ... same for Double, etc.; can't use an enum :( ...
test(new Integer[] { 42, 1972, 86 }, INTEGER_TESTOR);
public <T> void test(T[] a, Testor<T> testor) {
    T b = a[0];
    if (testor.isStrictlyPositive(a[0])) {
        a[0] = testor.square(a[0]);
        b = testor.add(b, a[1]);

Note for things like Short, summing two of them will give you an int.

(Usual Stack Overflow disclaimer: not so much as attempted to compile the code.)

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