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I have looked everywhere. We are using a Motorola Zoom to try our tablet site testing. The issue is that the Android Useragent is a general Useragent and there is no difference between tablet Android and mobile Android. I don't want to just target a specific device like the Xoom Useragent since Android will most likely be on multiple tablet devices in the near future.

We are using Umbraco CMS, and we have looked at using the solution, and at this moment this will not work for our needs. Maybe in the future. I know 51Degrees and some of the people at Umbraco are going to be doing some integration into Umbraco, but the final project will probably not be out for a couple of months.
Hence, why we would like to detect the Useragent String of an Android tablet and have it not direct to our mobile site like it currently is.

If anyone knows how to detect and Android Tablet in general, not the specific device would be very helpful.

Best Answer:

Mo’ better to also detect “mobile” user-agent

While you may still want to detect “android” in the User-Agent to implement Android-specific features, such as touch-screen optimizations, our main message is: Should your mobile site depends on UA sniffing, please detect the strings “mobile” and “android,” rather than just “android,” in the User-Agent. This helps properly serve both your mobile and tablet visitors.

Detecting Android device via Browser

 < script language="javascript"> <!--
     var mobile = (/iphone|ipad|ipod|android|blackberry|mini|windowssce|palm/i.test(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase()));
              if (mobile) {
                  alert("MOBILE DEVICE DETECTED");
                  document.write("<b>" + navigator.userAgent + "<br>")
                  var userAgent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
                  if (("android") > -1) && ("mobile") > -1))
                         document.write("<b> ANDROID MOBILE <br>")
                   else if (("android") > -1) && !("mobile") > -1))
                       document.write("<b> ANDROID TABLET <br>")
                  alert("NO MOBILE DEVICE DETECTED"); //--> </script>

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