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I have two servers:

  • serverA (windows 2003 server)
  • serverB (windows 7)

ServerA contains a folder with a batch file (deploy.bat) that needs to be executed from an elevated powershell prompt. In ServerA, if I run it from a normal prompt or powershell prompt it fails. If I run it from an elevated prompt it works. (run as administrator).

The problem I have is when I try to execute batch file from serverB using a remote powershell execution. I am able to execute with this command:

Invoke-Command -computername serverA .remotedeploy.ps1

The content of remotedeploy.ps1 is:

cd D:Buildsbuild5

I have looked a lot questions in stackoverflow about:

  • Execute a remote powershell (This works for me)
  • Execute a local powershell with elevated prompt (I can do it)

This question is about both at the same time. So the exact question is:

Is possible to execute an ELEVATED REMOTE script in PowerShell?

Best Answer:

If you're using PowerShell 4, you can execute the command using Desired State Configuration, which run as SYSTEM:

Invoke-Command -ComputerName ServerA -ScriptBlock {
    configuration DeployBat
        # DSC throws weird errors when run in strict mode. Make sure it is turned off.
        Set-StrictMode -Off
        # We have to specify what computers/nodes to run on.
        Node localhost 
            Script 'Deploy.bat'
                # Code you want to run goes in this script block
                SetScript = {
                    Set-Location 'D:Buildsbuild5'
                    # DSC doesn't show STDOUT, so pipe it to the verbose stream
                    .Deploy.bat | Write-Verbose
                # Return $false otherwise SetScript block won't run.
                TestScript = { return $false }
                # This must returns a hashtable with a 'Result' key/value.
                GetScript = { return @{ 'Result' = 'RUN' } }
    # Create the configuration .mof files to run, which are output to
    # 'DeployBotNODE_NAME.mof' directory/files in the current directory. The default 
    # directory when remoting is C:UsersUSERNAMEDocuments.
    # Run the configuration we just created. They are run against each NODE. Using the 
    # -Verbose switch because DSC doesn't show STDOUT so our resources pipes it to the 
    # verbose stream.
    Start-DscConfiguration -Wait -Path .DeployBat -Verbose

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