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in june, we've a very serious data loss accident in our company. the production server crash causes all the business to be, and it isn't able to recover from the company 's confidential data, but it can't be solved. or decided to find a company with a confidential qualification. after comparison, select the data recovery center after comparison. after a day of effort, the effort is finally retrieved. ( thank you ). and when I get back to the company is, it's time to reinstall the system. 9: 00 .

.the accident has been past, I'll install it. aix6. 1 the process of the system is organized into a tutorial and you want to help.



connection display, mouse, keyboard. display a fluorescent bar for host power, such as host panel " ok".

6.1 the first disc on the installation disk is put into the cd drive, and the power switch button on the machine is opened to start the machine;

when the screen is displayed as follows f1 enter"system management servicesmenu interface.

show the following picture, type " 3", press enter, select options3at this point, the password is entered and the password is default to"admin;

enter the following interface after the input is complete

select " 5"enter the following interface

select " 3"enter the following interface

select " 4"enter the following interface

" 3"for the drive option, select " 3"enter the following interface

select " 2"for standard installation, enter the following interface

select " 1"confirm the installation, enter the following interface

at this point we need to wait for a while, and then enter the following interface

( note: if displayed ) " no operating system installation"the installation disc is damaged or damaged, and it's recommended that you replace the cd or cd drive )

the diagram shows no action, waiting to go, enter the following interface

move mouse selection " english"install in english during installation

select " traditional install"and enter the following interface

select " 1"and enter the following interface

select " 2"enter the following interface

( note: " 1install for default mode

" 2"to change the installation and system settings

" 3"to enter system maintenance mode )

selection " 1"reset the system I tallation

there are three ways to choose from

- new and complete overwrite installation. ( full coverage)

migration installation. ( upgrade I tallation )

preservation installation. ( protect I tallation )

is sure to install a clean operating system, here we choose the first installation method to install the operating system completely, fully covered.

note: if the device doesn't have an operating system, the default is new and full host installation mode I tallation )

when you choose to complete, enter the following interface

this interface select the operating system installation location

" 1"cancel the currently selected hard disk

then enter the hard drive you want to install the operating system

then enter " 0"confirm and save the current selection

( because there's only one hard drive in the author 's equipment, so choose to install it directly ).

return to the following interface when finished

" 0"enter the following interface

" 1"confirm the current settings and start the installation system

when you start to install the operating system, it's about an hour to wait.

interface, select accept an electronic license to receive the operating system and enter the following interface

selectitem 1 to set or verify system date and time

option 2 to create an administrator (root userpassword

option 3 to set up the network (tcp/ipconnection

option 4 to set up a remote management service for a network

option 5 management software

we've chosen to choose from one person, and select. " exit the configuration assistant"enter the following interface

and choose. choose"finish now, and don't start configuration assistant when restarting the"" completeinstall, enter aix operating system login interface.

enter the user name and password aix6. 1 operating system.

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